Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Finger Painting Fine Art of David Schluss at Gallery Direct Art

Happy New Year!

Finger painting isn't an activity only for children, David Schluss is an artist who only paints with his fingers. Using his fingers as paintbrushes, he sculpts out images, textures and colors directly onto the canvas.

The ability of this artist to carve in the lines and get textures in his work is breathtaking. We have a number of limited edition Serigraphs are in paper and canvas. View the gallery from this extraordinary artist here:

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ferjo - Fine Art from a Master of Perspective

Ferjo isn't called a master of perspective for no good reason. His art is a mix of colors, whimsy and technically refined work.

You can find elements of Ferjo's work is an exuberant mix of Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Realism and Surrealism in each artwork. Ferjo's work is highly collected and hotly sought by collectors and galleries worldwide.

We have available in limited edition canvas giclees hand signed numbered by the artist. 

BONUS - Receive a copy of Ferjo’s new fine art book with any canvas purchase for a limited time.

Look at the accuracy in the staircase amidst all the colors and other elements in this artwork.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Thomas Kinkade Vault Releases at Gallery Direct Art!

This is extremely sweet news. The Thomas Kinkade Vault  latest release contains previously unreleased editions from the painter of light. “Simpler Times 2” is the latest.

Look at the gorgeous play of sunlight and lights inside the home. The waterwheel, details and the horses quietly grazing. This is a calming and serene scene.

Thomas Kinkade's Simpler Times 2

This will make an outstanding gift for any Thomas Kinkade collector. See the previously unpublished Thomas Kinkade vaule edition  "Simpler Times 2".

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Maritime and Nautical Art Gallery

Maritime and nautical art is very popular. We have a few artists here to share with you.  Check out Maritime Fine Art collection which  features highly collectible editions and new releases from our most collected artists.  Look at the action in this John Mecray edition.

Another popular line are the editions from historian artist  Geoff Hunt     look at the details in this artwork.

John Barber  is another name to become well acquainted with if you're going to collect nautical art. I really like the palette knife/brush strokes visible in the sail.

Christopher Blossom is one of the amazing artists working out of the Greenwich Workshop - here's a single edition of his - check out his use of light that evokes the soft light with the coming sunrise.

and speaking of light, Micheal Keane also makes good use of sunlight to evoke feelings in his work. Check out this gorgeous edition in his collection:

There is a huge collection of marine themed and nautical fine art print editions, many available on canvas too!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fine Art With Horses from Gallery Direct Art

Is there anything more majestic than a horse? They are beautiful, strong, intelligent animals and we wanted to share a few artists with you that bring these amazing creatures to life in their editions.

First up is Fred Stone, his specialty is painting the thoroughbreds of racing.
Here's a small sampling of what's available.

Another Equine artist to know is Chris Cummings. Look at these beautiful colors and serene feelings he evokes in this piece.

Last but certainly not least is Judy Larson. Her pieces tell a story, check out the intriguing story of a Gray Horse named Red Horse and how it came to be.